Remote Work Solutions

We are experts in creating and providing a secure digital platform with a seamless and personal customer experience. We minimize IT risk and maximize communication efficiencies between the work remote staff to help remote employees stay productive. We streamline security management, IT deployment, and communication platforms within our network of 3rd party SaaS providers.  

With Remote Work Solutions, we realized this is the productive future for businesses and decided to become an expert in this field. We can create, modify, or transition a workforce to a partial/hybrid or full work remote situation. Both options allow workers to feel safe working from the comforts of their home and business owners will feel confident that their data and business processes are in a secure cloud-based network. These secure programs and applications alongside monitoring and mentoring programs ensure employees remain productive. 

How Can We Help You?

We create work remote platform systems

We integrate remote work-friendly SaaS collaboration tools to provide a secure digital platform with a seamless and personal customer experience that is a perfect solution for the modern world. From hybrid to full work remote systems, we have the experience and the knowledge to create the perfect system for you.

Our experience covers a whole range of remote work platforms whether it is Google Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Hive, Zoom, and more. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver the best solutions just for you. We can create, modify or change your existing platforms as well. It is all up to you. Click here to get connected

We will modernize your productivity

Work all over the world is changing and many companies are starting to see the benefits of working remotely. Enterprise level companies like Alphabet and Microsoft are seeing a great demand for work remote systems from companies like Zoom and Walmart. Older businesses and CEO's struggle to adapt to the modern remote concept because they fear lack of productivity. 

77% of those who work remotely show increased productivity, with 30% doing more work in less time and 24% doing more work in the same period of time.  At Alic Consulting 95% of our staff reported that remote work is a great benefit and they feel they are more effective at their job. Click here to get connected

We help attract highly skilled global workers

Sometimes, the talents you need for your job are usually not in the environment that you are in. Bringing in such talents from their locations would result in even extra costs in terms of relocation which can be up to thousands of dollars. 

With remote solutions, your company can hire people from anywhere in the world without having them relocate. This gives you a great opportunity to find people with the unique skill set that you need. It can also save you the stress of training people without the needed skills. Click here to get connected

We will boost your employee satisfaction 

Employees can be absent for many reasons including sickness. When this happens, workflow is usually impaired and projects are delayed. We realized when staff is able to work from home they get more rest and choose to work on projects from the comforts of their house. 

Also, remote work has a way of making your employees fall ill less often. That is because it gives them more time to bond with their families and do the things they love. It also reduces the amount of stress they get daily since commuting alone can create a great amount of stress for employees. 

We can reduce your costs

Cost reduction would depend on how fully remote your company decides to go. For example, fully remote businesses take advantage of not needing office furniture, office equipment, or daily cleaning.  In addition, cost saving can further be applied when looking at utility bills and internet costs. 

Even with a physical office, a hybrid work remote business model can have staff alternate the days they come in and therefore save by not needing extra office space to rent or lease.  Even large sized business that offer employees free food at the café or are able to save because resources are being saved.

Client Brief

Compact Services is a start up that focuses on small expedited carrier shipments throughout the USA & Canada.


With Google Workspace all their documents & email communication can be accessed remotely from the cloud 24/7.


Google Meet is the live virtual office space they join to solve problems quickly. Grasshopper for external calls & texts.


Being a small smart up with limited funding we helped create the most cost effective work remote platform for $80 a month!!

Why You Need Alic Consulting To Create Your Work Remote System

As of now, most millennials see remote work as an important consideration in selecting a job. This is because most of these young people are already familiar with these tools. For you to thrive and get the best of talents, you need the best work remote solutions for your business. Click here to get connected

Our experience & partnerships with SaaS applications will identity the right programs at the most affordable rates.

According to the ConnectSolutions 77% of those who work remotely show increased productivity.

One of the biggest advantages of hybrid or full work remote platforms is how much your company can save. 

After reducing your costs, let us increase your teams satisfaction by allocating those savings to new perks & benefits. 

We educate management on how to establish "work remote culture" & educate staff on how to use the system.

Our experts can help you to develop targets, plans & monitoring for your work remote system. 

Creating your own work remote system can be costly and time consuming. You need an experienced company who specializes in working remotely. Take action and let Alic Consulting help you create and setup your work remote system.

How Do I Get Started?

1st step we meet to identify bottlenecks in your process. FREE CONSULTATION 

2nd step we analyze process and collaborate solutions to problems.  PROPOSAL

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