How Can We Help You?

About Alic Consulting

Why Are You In The Consulting Business?

Our Mission is to create as many win-win-win scenarios as possible. That is where our clients and their customers, or our clients and our employees come out on top. Read more on our About Us page.

How Do You Deliver Superior Performance?

Our staff is trained with an ACE Mindset. Accountability, Communication, and Execution. This is a time-proven strategy to deliver results. We can also promote and brand your company with social media and other digital or print advertisements.

When Did You Start Your Company?

Alic Consulting was created during the Covid-19 pandemic to help people out. We noticed 2 things during this pandemic.

1. A lot of people lost their jobs.

2. A lot of companies had issues transforming their workflows and procedures.

We then decided to use our experience and knowledge to help everyone out. We realized that working from home or hybrid work model is the future of all businesses.

What Services Do You Offer?

Our Services are SIMPLE. We help new companies Start Up / Incorporate and offer Managing, Planning, Leading, and Executing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Read more on our Services page.

Job / Staff Questions

When Can I Expect A Job?

All results vary and based of your application time and our current hiring needs. IF we have an urgent hiring need we have been known to send offers within 2 weeks.

I Don't Have A Business, How I Can Work For You?

Visit our Jobs page and find out more about open positions and how it looks working for Alic Consulting.

What If I Failed The Testing Portion?

We like to interview everyone and give everyone a fair chance. That is why even after you fail your test you still have the chance and opportunity to fix your scores and land your 1st interview with Alic Consulting.

How Much Do You Pay?

We want everyone to be successful and like to reward those who go above and beyond. Depending on your performance you could be eligible for additional raises, bonuses, rewards, gifts, vacations, etc. Our pay has been above average but all salary and pay is based of experience and local average wages.

Client Questions

How Much Do You Charge?

Every company is unique and has different needs. Pricing reflects that, but we guarantee to give you the highest quality and satisfaction for the lowest price. Examples Include; Travel Expenses (if need be), Hourly Consulting Fees, Project Fees, Markups, and Retainer Costs for Talent Acquisition and/or Training Fees.

The most expensive cost is when we are directly doing the work for you. We can lower costs when we split the workload and manage one piece while the client manages another piece, and then we simply provide advice on other matters. This middle-tier pricing also includes 1:1 coaching or team training seminars. With our Start-Up Clients, we can provide Free coaching if we can agree on a long-term contract.

When Can I Expect Results?

All results vary and are based of the solution and service chosen. Every service has their own and unique timeline for results. Please visit our solutions page to learn more.

How Do I Start A Business?

We can help get you started on the right path to success by creating business plans and showing you the right steps to take to get your business off the ground. Read our blog Start Your Own Business 101.

How Do I Get My Employees Who Are Working From Home To Be Productive?

All individuals vary on how they will perform knowing every home situation is unique. The first thing we want to do is deploy a secure digital platform to make sure your business apps and data information are secure.

The next thing we can do is streamline our network of SaaS platforms to ensure your staff is transitioning as quickly as possible to ensure business continuity. Another key in maintaining productivity is making sure your remote work staff has a dedicated workspace free from distractions.

You can provide monitoring, but mentoring and asking the remote workers to take an oath of accountability will ensure productive output throughout the year.

How Do I Access New Revenues & Profit Pools?

From market research to data analytics we can help you visualize where you need to allocate your resources in order to help you tap into new streams of revenue.

How Do I Profitably Enter New Markets & Segments In A Short Time Frame?

We can help you understand your customer base, develop risk analysis and create entry market strategy plans.

How Do I Drive Growth?

Find the right time to grow your company with a complete business analysis mindset. We can help procure a talented and motivated workforce that makes your vision a reality.

How Do I Develop & Commercialize Innovative Products In Order To Grow?

Don't be the sheep that follows everyone around, stand out and be a disrupter! We can help develop innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Academy Questions

How Much Does The Academy Cost?

Our Academy is FREE FOR EVER! We collect articles, news, and publish blogs, trainings, seminars , etc. There is plenty of information to help you grow your business and to help you develop your skills. We also offer premium services to our staff for Free like Rosetta Stone if they wish to learn a new language. These premium services include classes, courses, masterclasses, and seminars that help our staff develop and improve their business skills.

To Learn more about consulting and our pricing visit our
Simple Business to Business Consulting Solutions and Services page.

When Can I Expect Results?

All results vary and based of your participation and your motivation. No one will read books for you and no one will show you or tell you when you learned too much. Its on you to prove to yourself just how hungry and dedicated you are. The best piece of advise is to constantly work on yourself and keep thriving to be a better person day in and day out, year after year.

How Do I Stay Up To Date About Your Company?

To stay updated and know what we are doing or what we are up to just follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We also periodically post new updates on our Company Blogs Page.