Alic Consulting Academy

At Alic Consulting, our vision is to help people succeed in as many ways as possible.

For individuals, that's believing in them and helping them develop their skills so that they can become the best version of themselves. For businesses, that’s assessing their problems, weaknesses, and bottlenecks to recommend business solutions that help improve their overall operations and profits. As a result, we provide great customer service, empower our staff, recommend B2B solutions to help clients worldwide lower costs as they grow, and create a modern flexible workplace for all. We believe our vision creates a true win-win-win environment.

This academy will help push our vision into reality. You will find tips, articles, news, suggestions, and everything in between to help yourself develop skills, and if you are a business owner help your company grow to the next level. You can have access to digital skills and training regardless of your background, education, or personal circumstances. We want everyone to be the best version of themselves.

What Are Some Ways We Can Help You Grow & Develop?

Classes & Courses

The first place to start growing and developing new skills is through our classes to help you learn a little more about yourself. These courses are offered through different companies we partner with and can be taken at your own pace. We can help you gain skills like marketing, finance, general time management, and many more!

Trainings & Executive Programs

Our trainings are designed to increase your skills and knowledge in job fields you might be a part of one day. We offer various in-person or remote online trainings in specific skill-set areas like negotiating, outbound calls, social media management, and many more to help you further your experience and knowledge in the business world.

E-Learning & Seminars

Come join us in attendance as we learn from those who have experience and mastered certain industries. Together we can get a better understanding of our business practices and gain more insights about ourselves by attending various E-Learning seminars from industry experts across the world remotely or in person.

Articles & Blogs

Our academy started of with blogs and articles and grew into something great. Now we have an in-depth collection of articles and blogs to help anyone who is looking for a job all the way to someone who already runs an established business. We made our academy accessible to anyone 24/7. Scroll down to get started.

Tips & Suggestions

Alic Consulting is here to help people succeed worldwide so we have tips and suggestions for anyone who is willing to partake in our vision. You will find tips, articles, news, suggestions, and everything in between from accredited sources to help develop your skills and help grow your business to the next level.

Who Do We Help?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stay Up To Date About Your Company?

To stay updated and know what we are doing or what we are up to just follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We also periodically post new updates on our Company Blogs Page.

How Much Does The Academy Cost?

Our Academy is Free For Ever. We collect articles, news, and publish blogs, trainings, seminars , etc. There is plenty of information to help you grow your business and to help you develop your skills. We also offer premium services to our staff for Free. These premium services include classes and courses like Rosetta Stone and various seminars that would help them develop certain business skills.

To Learn more about consulting and our pricing visit our
Simple Business to Business Consulting Solutions and Services page.

When Can I Expect Results?

All results vary and based of your participation and your motivation. No one will read books for you and no one will show you or tell you when you learned too much. Its on you to prove to yourself just how hungry and dedicated you are. The best piece of advise is to constantly work on yourself and keep thriving to be a better person day in and day out, year after year.