Alic Consulting Academy

At Alic Consulting, our vision is to help people succeed in as many ways as possible.

This academy is the embodiment of our vision, offering a wealth of resources including tips, articles, courses, and news to empower individuals and business owners alike. With access to digital skills and training, regardless of background or circumstances, our goal is to support everyone in becoming their best selves. Alic Consulting is dedicated to global success, providing tips and suggestions sourced from accredited channels to nurture skill development and business growth for all who share our vision.

What Are Some Ways We Can Help You Grow & Develop?

Articles & Blogs

Our academy started of with blogs and articles and grew into something great. Now we have an in-depth collection of articles and blogs to help anyone who is looking for a job all the way to someone who already runs an established business.  

Books & Book Reports

Access our library to read something fun or learn a new business skill. Built for both business owners and job seekers. We love books. In a rush? Read our summarized book reports whenever you want because our academy is open 24/7. 

Classes & Courses

Learn a new language or improve your web development skills. These courses are offered through various companies we partner with and can be taken at your own pace. We can help you gain skills in marketing, finance, time management, etc. 

Conferences & Seminars

Get a better understanding of business practices or gain insights about yourself. Seminars from industry experts across the world. Come join us in attendance as we learn from those who have experience and mastered certain industries.  

Trainings & Workshops

Increase your skills and knowledge in various skill-set areas like negotiating, HR policy, running non-profit organizations, and many more trainings to help further your career. Our hands-on workshops are designed to improve your practical skills.

Who Do We Help?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stay Up To Date About Your Company?

To stay updated and know what we are doing or what we are up to just follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We also periodically post new updates on our Company Blogs Page.

How Much Does The Academy Cost?

Our Academy is Free For Ever. We collect articles, news, and publish blogs, trainings, seminars , etc.  There is plenty of information to help you grow your business and to help you develop your skills.  We also offer premium services to our staff for Free. These premium services include classes and courses like Rosetta Stone and various seminars that would help them develop certain business skills.

To Learn more about consulting and our pricing visit our Simple Business to Business Consulting Solutions and Services page

When Can I Expect Results? 

All results vary and based of your participation and your motivation. No one will read books for you and no one will show you or tell you when you learned too much. Its on you to prove to yourself just how hungry and dedicated you are.  The best piece of advise is to constantly work on yourself and keep thriving to be a better person day in and day out, year after year.