Business Strategy

We are experts in corporate strategy. Do you have a 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year plan? Does your team know this plan? Do you have issues implementing your strategy or relating it with your team? Or maybe you are having issues coming up with a suitable strategy for your business? Whatever the case may be, we are here to help. Our team of experts will collaborate business strategy with you so together we can develop a plan for your vision and your growth. 

In Business Strategy we will collect as much information about the client's business as possible, in order to know where they are at and where they want to go in the next couple of years. We also support the full life cycle of change processes, ensuring the effective and sustainable realization of business value. This is an all-in-one solution, so we can plan, organize, and manage business projects for our clients. 

How Can We Help You?

We analyze resources and mitigate risk

Any size business knows that resources are always limited. A good business strategy will help you see which products and markets are priorities in your business. We will help you see the steps that are critical to success and guide you to make the right choices when allocating those limited resources.

All businesses have their natural weaknesses that deter peak performance. With a properly developed business strategy we predict future risks to help cushion the effects of your organizational weaknesses. We can help overcome future obstacles by developing problems solving methods to mitigate risk all together. Click here to get connected

We collaborate on your strategic plan

We collect as much information about the client's business as possible in order to create a strategic direction, architecting a seamless digital operating model, realigning capabilities and people, while monitoring KPI's and achievements. 

We support the full life cycle of the change process, ensuring the effective and sustainable realization of business value. With a good strategy, your organization will have a sense of direction. With that sense of direction, you will have a better understanding of those things you need to achieve your goals. Click here to get connected

We improve communication with your team

Developing a business strategy is some what easy. Communicating that strategy in a way that people will understand is difficult. Being able to communicate your vison so every team member understands your sense of direction will increase the odds of having a successful business by 37%.

This is important because they need to understand where you are taking the company so they can help you get there. The ability of the CEO to get his staff to believe in his plans is key to making a business thrive and become successful.  Click here to get connected

Client Brief

Compact Services is a start up that focuses on small expedited carrier shipments throughout the USA and Canada.


Our 3 year strategy formed a new LLC so the client could enter a new market that focused on large CDL based shipments.


We helped the client communicate the plan so the entire team could visualize their and our growth opportunities.


This strategy will help decrease Compact's resources and cost by 6 times while maintaining similar profitability. 

Why You Need Alic Consulting To Plan Your Business Strategy

A good business strategy contains all the crucial principles that a business will need to meet its goals. It should explain how you plan to beat the competition while considering the specific needs of your customers. We help you identify your vision and strategy to grow your company. Click here to get connected

We analyze your company and help you allocate the resources your business needs to move forward.

Recognize the capabilities of your staff and how to improve these capabilities for maximum performance.

Increase your chances for success by identifying the skills and knowledge your organization needs to reach its goals.

Our experts visualize how your business will grow in the long term and what you need to sustain that growth.

A good business strategy and well-detailed vision can create motivated workers and even develop new client relationships who might relate to your vision and want to help you achieve it. Take action with Alic Consulting's MBA level consultants to communicate your vision into realty.

How Do I Get Started?

1st step we meet to identify bottlenecks in your process. FREE CONSULTATION 

2nd step we analyze process and collaborate solutions to problems.  PROPOSAL

Motivated individuals will receive a FREE GROWTH PLAN to business success

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We as business consultants are responsible for improving your company by assessing the problems, weaknesses, or bottlenecks. In Return, we provide great customer service and recommend business solutions to help improve your companies' operations and profits. We know that business can be difficult, and every client will have their own challenges. That’s why our small to medium sized Business-to-Business consulting solutions are SIMPLE. We can help Start, Incorporate, Manage, Plan, Lead, and Execute