Incorporations & Filings

Starting your business can be difficult, but we have experience in helping start-up companies like yours register LLCs or file incorporation paperwork across state lines.  Contact us so we can help you get started and limit your mistakes while at the same time increasing your efficiency

With Incorporation & Filings, we can show you exactly what needs to be done. We can also do it for you so you can spend your time focusing on the more important matters when it comes to starting a business. We will perform initial assessments for each client before the project begins. We can also develop detailed business plans to help you get started or to help you get funding.

How Can We Help You?

We have global experience and multi country knowledge

According to the World Bank, the US is the 51st easiest nation in the world to start a business. While the US ranks amongst the first 10 nations when it comes to ease of doing business, it drops to 51 when it comes to starting up a business. It drops because issues around the time, cost, and state filing differences.

Things are a bit better when it comes to starting a business in Canada, Hong Kong, or the United Kingdom. The only benchmark worse than the US is in Germany. Click here to get connected

We will save your time and reduce your stress

A recent study shows that company owners spend an average of four hours every week to ensure that they are still government compliant. While you might feel registering your business should be easy, the process is usually daunting. 

There a rezoning requirements, professional licensing just to name some. Now consider that most times, you must allocate hours from your busy schedule to visit these places to register your business. They might have low staff and off hours which can further increase your stress and time wasted. Click here to get connected

We know legislations and can provide non-legal advice

The regulations are usually a source of headache for many entrepreneurs due to federal laws. In many countries of the world, you will find that you need to write several applications and file several documents to meet up some of the criteria. 

After federal filings, you must comply with state and local fillings. As frustrating as the process can be, you might also find out that some of these laws are contradictory. And this part only leaves many entrepreneurs wondering what exactly to do and how to circumvent or navigate the issue of registration. Click here to get connected

Client Brief

HaHa CRM is an all-in-one platform for businesses to communicate with their customers via email, SMS, MMS, & soft phone.


We have all the experience & connections you need to get your business successfully registered in the USA or Internationally.


You can do what you do best & reach your maximum potential, while we focus on the filings & incorporation paperwork.


We saved HaHa CRM 17 hours of filings & were able to structure their start up as an LLC to save on double taxation.

Why You Need Alic Consulting To Start Your Business & File Incorporations

We have all the experience you need to get your business registers. We are specialized in helping start-up companies register LLCs or file incorporation paperwork across state lines. No matter your location in the world, we will reach out to you and help you with your fillings.  Instead of putting undue pressure on yourself, why not outsource the job to professionals that can handle it. Click here to get connected

Our experience puts us ahead of others so we understand exactly what you need to get a head start & get certified. 

We help with professional license registrations as well. So, all your business needs are covered in one place.

You can trust us with the legal process. We are familiar with LLC, INC, C, S Corp filings & incorporations.

Issues relating to licenses, regulations, taxes, & access to capital are often the barriers for many startups.

You need a reliable company that can handle all your fillings and licensing issues without making mistakes and that’s where Alic Consulting comes in. We file and you save time. Its that simple. Take action now because the clock is ticking.

How Do I Get Started?

1st step we meet to identify bottlenecks in your process. FREE CONSULTATION 

2nd step we analyze process and collaborate solutions to problems.  PROPOSAL

Motivated individuals will receive a FREE GROWTH PLAN to business success

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We as business consultants are responsible for improving your company by assessing the problems, weaknesses, or bottlenecks. In Return, we provide great customer service and recommend business solutions to help improve your companies' operations and profits. We know that business can be difficult, and every client will have their own challenges. That’s why our small to medium sized Business-to-Business consulting solutions are SIMPLE. We can help Start, Incorporate, Manage, Plan, Lead, and Execute