Project Management

We will collect as much information about the client's business as possible in order to understand what details and results the shareholders are exactly looking for when it comes to the various projects we manage. After collecting detailed information we then assist and provide resources and knowledge to get the project going so we can complete it on time.

With Project Management we help you start various projects of all sizes and will manage the progress using 6 Sigma and Black Belt Lean Processing. Every project comes with its own unique challenges. Our project managers will guide you and provide status updates throughout the entire process to all of the stakeholders involved.

How Can We Help You?

We analyze risk and resources

Projects can take valuable resources away from your team. Managers who take on projects themselves without project mangers, risk having project failures as high as 50%. The big picture is not even the resources (money, time, energy) you lose to the failure, but how failed projects derail your initiatives.

This might even delay or stop your business from growing. For instance, building a sales system that doesn't integrate with your sales process is a waste of time. That is because the project will not add much value to your business. Our MBA level experts will identify risks and manage projects and integrations effectively. Click here to get connected

We bring our ACE culture

Working together can be difficult, however we developed an ACE culture to make things easier. ACE means individuals are Accountable for theirs and others actions, Communicate above and beyond, and Execute their tasks.

ACE culture can improve collaboration and improve project management altogether. ACE improves transparency and ensures everyone is accountable. Even when the jobs are done across departments or teams, effective project management and ACE culture ensure that everyone shares the same vison. Click here to get connected

We offer quality project management

One of the big aims of effective project management is to improve the quality and quantity of your products. That is because the value of your products lies in their quality. When you have good project managers, your products have higher quality and it makes your customers happier.

Since projects involve other organizational processes and systems, it's important to have a developed project management system. This makes the evaluation and monitoring process easier. Our experts offer quality work and will ensure everyone is able to meet their objectives on time while maintaining the budget. Click here to get connected

Client Brief

We empower our staff, recommend B2B solutions to help clients worldwide lower costs as they grow, and to create a modern flexible workplace for all.


Our inhouse project mangers created custom project management templates using Lean Six Sigma Principles to make things easy but effective.


Our user friendly project management template is designed for easy collaboration with all parties and stakeholders involved.


We have been able to save on average 7.5 hours creating project scopes which allows to expedite other parts of the project.

Why You Need Alic Consulting For Your Project Management

Every project comes with its unique challenges and complexity. One of the biggest reasons for the difficulty is managing all the different people involved. Our consultants will lead your initiatives and keep everyone on the same level of understanding so your business can benefit. Click here to get connected

Projects generate a form of knowledge. We will help you develop, use, and retain that knowledge for business growth.

Organizations that use project managers tend to do better in meeting budgets, deadlines, quality standards, and scope.

Project management helps you manage integrations and improves internal communications strategies.

Our experts will guide and provide status updates throughout the entire process to all the stakeholders involved.

Our project managers have backgrounds in lean six sigma. We employ white, yellow, green, and black belt holders.

6 Sigma process ensures that 99.99966% of all opportunities in a project are statistically expected to be defect-free.

Project management goes beyond budgeting and managing deadlines. Good project management involves taking control over a project from start to finish. Take action with Alic Consulting so everyone involved aligns strategically with the goals and objectives of the initiative.

How Do I Get Started?

1st step is to contact us so if you are on a computer just scroll down or if on a Mobile Device Click Here

2nd step we arrange a FREE CONSULTATION and you present your idea or your current phase of your business process.

We analyze your idea, your plan and provide free consultation on how we can grow your business and provide you with the financial freedom you want. Motivated individuals will be successful and with Alic Consulting your results will be quicker and more sustainable!

We as business consultants are responsible for improving your company by assessing the problems, weaknesses, or bottlenecks. In Return, we provide great customer service and recommend business solutions to help improve your companies' operations and profits. We know that business can be difficult, and every client will have their own challenges. That’s why our small to medium sized Business-to-Business consulting solutions are SIMPLE. We can help Start, Incorporate, Manage, Plan, Lead, and Execute.