Business Intelligence & Data Reporting

We are experts in business intelligence consulting services and can help you business from processes and methods that involve data mining, business analytics, data visualization, and data reporting within an organization. Our experts rely on several software analysis tools to collect, process your organizations data activity, and then generate insights and analytics.

With Business Intelligence & Data Analysis we can provide you with a dashboard so you know what's going on in every aspect of your business. Take it one step further and know where you are gonna be in the next month or year with model predictions and in-depth data analysis and calculations

How Can We Help You?

We create functional dashboards

 Although the dashboards might look like static reports, the two are not the same. Business intelligence gives a source of information that is reliable and allows for interaction. However, static reports do not give such flexibility.  

Your data is powerful only when you use it to generate insights. Nothing shows results better than using data analysis software and programs to visualize your goals and progress on interactive charts. Click here to get connected

We collaborate with decision makers 

The main aim of business intelligence in any company is to provide decision-makers with real-time insight that will help them take the right steps forward. This allows leaders to make decisions that are truly driven by data and supported by facts and numbers.

There are lots of insights sitting behind the data in your business.  Together we will analyze and process all the information needed. We do our best to present these insights in a way that you and your business teams can understand.  Click here to get connected

We use data to become better managers

Business Intelligence Reporting allows us to generate the insights that matter the most to you and your business. We help companies use data to manage their employees to know how their results contribute to business success.

Empowering staff with business intelligence allows them to visualize their efforts and makes them proud of their work. The best part about being able to visualize the data is that we can easily recommend solutions for improvement based on the information we extract and analyze.  Click here to get connected

Client Brief

Soko Express is a transportation company based out of Utah. They plan & deliver over 3000 shipments yearly.


We can Visualize KPI & Custom Dashboards using spreadsheets or true Business Intelligence with  Microsoft's Power BI.

Business Intelligence

We use Power BI to quickly pull up their sale reports, quarterly or yearly revenue projections, & history of late shipments.


Our automated payroll helps the client's accounting staff & operations team save on average 15 hours per week.

Why You Need Alic Consulting To Analyze Your Data With Business Intelligence

Businesses often fail and they lose their financial and competitive edge in the long run by making poor decisions using guesswork and assumptions. These erroneous conclusions can jeopardize your businesses future. Lets fix that with data analytics and business intelligence. Click here to get connected

Business Intelligence (BI) helps discover issues & problems so you can optimize your business processes & operations. 

Analyze customer data to improve customer satisfaction scores or compare performance with your competitors.

Our BI expertise is in Microsoft's Power BI & Tableau. We can also create easy data reporting in Google Sheets or Excel.

Our professionals collaborate & design special customized & tailored business intelligence solutions for your business.

We make it easy for your employees to track their own KPI's & understand the insights without any problems or issues. 

We can help you predict success & identify ways to increase profit by spotting market trends in your industry.

We know that business intelligence is not for everyone's business model. However, data and business intelligence can help your business become smarter while you make data-driven decisions. Take action with Alic Consulting and lets create dashboards that project your success.

How Do I Get Started?

1st step we meet to identify bottlenecks in your process. FREE CONSULTATION 

2nd step we analyze process and collaborate solutions to problems.  PROPOSAL

Motivated individuals will receive a FREE GROWTH PLAN to business success

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We as business consultants are responsible for improving your company by assessing the problems, weaknesses, or bottlenecks. In Return, we provide great customer service and recommend business solutions to help improve your companies' operations and profits. We know that business can be difficult, and every client will have their own challenges. That’s why our small to medium sized Business-to-Business consulting solutions are SIMPLE. We can help Start, Incorporate, Manage, Plan, Lead, and Execute