Position Elimination

We have experience in managing and organizing is the hardest and most challenging aspect of leadership and business. For efficiency and saving costs, sometimes you have no choice but to cut off unnecessary part of your business. 

With Position Elimination, we can help reduce some of the personal obligations a small business owner might have with their employees. Termination can also result from staffing changes due to technology or company reorganization such as merging departments for better efficiency. Position elimination can also be a part of a change in business strategy. This solution has 1:1 communication and meetings with the clients in order to fully understand the consequences and prepare for the managerial shift in personal.

How Can We Help You?

We bring expertise and professionalism

You have to have experience when removing people from your business so your company can continue to grow and avoid any potential litigation issues.  Being able to get experienced professionals to analyze the situation from all sides helps avoid stagnation and lawsuits.

This level of experience and resources needed for critical thinking and evaluation is usually lacking in most HR teams in small businesses and startups. Using on a third party with experience and resources to handle this process for you allows for an easier transition with less mistakes. Click here to get connected

We analyze data with business intelligence 

Your managers might not see the huge potential to use data. One of the benefits of using us for position elimination is being able to include your data in our decision making. Your HR team might not have all the needed tools or numbers to make the correct analyses.

We can also analyze hiring KPI's tell you how quickly the position can be staffed or sourced using our own Staffing Services or yours. We also examine where your most successful employees come from in order to help plan a better future for your company.  These KPI's show us how successful you can become. Click here to get connected

We free up your current HR responsibilities

We can work on position elimination to ease your HR team. A lot of businesses over utilize their HR department which adds unnecessary stress. Companies that are small or just starting out often make this mistake because they are unaware of the unnecessary pressure it adds to the HR team. 

The time they would use for position elimination could be used in something else that can produce results for your company. For example, they could focus their time on payroll, benefits, compliance, or even training the replacements. Click here to get connected

Client Brief

Flash Freight is an growing freight company based out of Pennsylvania. Their team monitors over 300 drivers yearly.


Our HR team used data to terminate unproductive employees & hired new staff to start job training all within 2 weeks!


We are able to help Flash Freight save 55% on their weekly payroll costs by using our outsourcing services for their sale roles.


Our outsource sales team was able to provide the client with an average ROI of 151% in 2021 considering all costs & profits.

Why You Need Alic Consulting For Position Elimination

Position elimination is not the same as laying off or firing staff. It is a process that requires lots of planning and critical thinking because it can affect the growth of your business and could even open up doors for lawsuits if you do not do it properly.  Click here to get connected

Save money, decrease stress, & avoid many other issues that can result from this termination process. 

Our experts have knowledge in hiring laws so you can rest assured the hire & fire process is handled professionally.

Replacement is just as hard as termination. We can onboard candidates with your qualifications within 30 days.

This is a free & complimentary service when Combined with our Business Management or Staffing/Outsourcing. 

We have exit surveys & interviews that identify why people leave your company so we can fix the problem ASAP!

Save time by letting us create and implement fully automated job application & onboarding process.

We know position elimination can be the hardest and most challenging part of leadership. We have all the experience that you need to manage and organize the process so that your business can continue to grow. Take action with Alic Consulting and lets do this together. 

How Do I Get Started?

1st step we meet to identify bottlenecks in your process. FREE CONSULTATION 

2nd step we analyze process and collaborate solutions to problems.  PROPOSAL

Motivated individuals will receive a FREE GROWTH PLAN to business success

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