Alic Consulting Helps $1 Trillion Dollar Transportation Industry

Alic Consulting can help you start and grow any business you may need help with, but we have mastered the Trillion-Dollar Transportation Industry!

We have helped several business owners start their very own transportation business and be profitable within the first year. Results do vary and depend on the solutions and the resourced allocated. We have the experience do help start or manage your transportation company.

We Can Help Start, Manage, and Even Train Dispatchers For Your Transportation Company

Win-win-win solution

We believe our method is a true win-win-win solution since we help clients lower costs, we pay higher than average wages to the employees and as result this allows us to feel successful knowing we are the link in this relationship. Specializing in startups and remote work solutions we can help your transportation business get off the ground or go to the next level.

Hiring and Training

We specialize in the hiring and training dispatchers for trucking and carrier companies across the country. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you start or grow your transportation business and find qualified dispatchers and managers to help your business grow. We offer training on user-friendly Trucking Management Systems (TMS). We have partnerships with various factoring companies and TMS companies to give you discounts and cost savings right from the start of our business relationship. Our staff will get your business and remote team up and running in no time. With our coaching and training, we provide advice and show you how to be more successful and a better leader within your business.

Alic Consulting Can Help

Now more than ever transportation companies are needed for goods and services worldwide. Alic Consulting can take your transportation business from an idea to reality or take you 10 driver operation to a 50 driver operation. We offer an incentive with our start-up clients in that we can provide FREE coaching if we can agree on a long-term contract utilizing our other Business to Business solutions. We have started trucking companies from the ground up and saved trucking companies from going under. Our first client was a small 20-driver expediting company based out of Utah with bad management, no direction, and no after-hours support. We created a training manual, got rid of the underperformers, instilled a new culture, and new work remote team in order to save the company from going under. Now our first client is thriving and back on top with 100 vehicles scattered throughout the United States and an actual 24/7 dispatch service. No matter what your size is or what your goal is we have the correct solutions for you. Contact us to learn how we can tackle the trillion-dollar transportation industry together!

Shelby graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and right now she is a professional driver. In this video, she made her way out to Texarkana, TX to visit two companies she has been working with to help order the trucks.

We have have helped several trucking companies start or expand their business. Contact Us if you want to start your own trucking company or need help growing your already established business.