2021 Client Recap

Alic Consulting Has Helped Our Clients Gross Over $5 Million During 2021

Our team of 14 young professionals operated over $5 Million during 2021 and contributed to the growth of four US-based companies. The majority of our clients are start-ups and we are very happy with how quickly they grew. We are excited for the next stage in maintaining their growth.

Alic Consulting is a reliable partner that listens to and understands the needs of our clients and our growing staff. Our current niche is the expedited transportation industry and our operation managers helped manage over 150 drivers all over the United States. Our smallest client had 25 drivers and our largest reported 60 on their active roster. In 2022 we will start looking to expand to other markets and industries. Please read more about our Simple Solutions and Effective Services.

Our vision is to help as many individuals succeed in many ways as possible. Business can be difficult, our consulting is SIMPLE. Individuals who formed Start-Ups come to us to help them understand processes, help guide them to profitability, and to Incorporate. Small to Medium-Sized Businesses come to us looking for solutions in Management, Planning, Leading, and Executing. Our unique approach will help structure, arrange, and enable sustained results.

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