2021 Staff Awards

Meet Our Team

We truly believe that to be the best you have to maintain the best employees. As we continue to grow and shape our culture we want to give
every person a fair chance to prove themselves, be recognized, and in turn be promoted for their hard work. We are busy creating an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to learn, grow, and teach. We are always checking in to see how people are doing and more importantly how they feel throughout the year. We are constantly gathering feedback from our staff so we can improve our processes.

Part of our culture is to create a culture of success and establish certain principles and methodologies so those who do stand out are recognized and rewarded. We call these individuals
ACEs. Accountable for their and others' actions. Communicates above and beyond. Executes their tasks. These rewards recognize those who stood out this year at Alic Consulting and our clients. It was very hard to pick and choose, but we believe these individuals are on the right path to success.

2021 Awards

Accountability: Sumeja Accountable for theirs and others actions

Sumeja has been recognized by her peers and managers as someone who takes ownership when things don't go as plan.

Communication: Melika
Communicates above and beyond

Mel has been recognized by her peers and the people she manages as a communicator with a big heart.

Execution: Amil
Execute their tasks

Amil has been recognized by his managers for being able to execute his daily tasks while increasing his sales record.

ACE Award: Armin
ACE Mindset

Armin has been recognized by his managers as someone with leadership potential who has skills in all 3 ACE mindsets.

6th Man: Almir
He is there when you need him

Almir has been recognized by his managers as someone who accommodates his shift for the benefit of the team.

Rookie of The Year: Omer
Future potential

Omer has been recognized by his managers as a hard worker. His results in under 6 months rival those with over 12 months.

MVP: Aida

Most Valuable Person in 2021

Aida has been recognized as a most valuable person in 2021. Her skills and attention to detail have helped pushed her to the top of our list this year. She has surpassed our highest expectations when it comes to results but also in reassurance and transparency. She feels comfortable to share her thoughts and ideas with managers and contractors alike.

The other part of our culture is wanting everyone to be the best version of themselves. That is why we offer various online classes and trainings to help you learn more about yourself. These courses are designed to increase your skills and knowledge in job fields you might be a part of one day. Our brand new Academy page does just that. We highlight ways we can help businesses and individuals grow and develop to be the best version of themselves. Our Academy page is an entirely new project for us and we are excited to see it grow and that is why we made it open to the public. However, some classes are premium like Rosetta Stone languages where we only offer that to our staff.

At Alic Consulting we believe that we can achieve success only if we grow together every day! We reward loyalty and promote from within.